What are the criteria for the purchase of your pet bag?

In fact, there is a wide range of options for the pet out bag, I summarized a more practical part of the view, what is your pet bag purchase criteria?

For those who often like to take their pets skating circle of pro, in some specific occasions, pets have become their own burden, resulting in their own should care, then want to better solve this problem, the following I prepared a wave of environmentally friendly and comfortable pet backpack, so that even in some specific occasions, you can easily cope.

This pet backpack is designed with Wang Wan widened shoulder straps, both shoulders evenly stressed, so that the shoulder lift comfortable, the bag boiler manual is equipped with a load-relief belt design, more secure and effective in preventing the bag from slipping, selected high-quality Oxford cloth fabric production, anti-static, easy to clean up the dander, built-in safety buckle, can better protect the love pet.

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